Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services

The firm has vast experience in providing litigation and dispute resolutions services in the field of Constitution, Tax, Corporate, Property, Environment.

The litigation team of Reina Legal consists of seasoned attorneys who have represented clients in the areas highlighted above before the Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunals and other judicial forums.

The team also provides specialized services of arbitration and reconciliation to their clients.

The firms’ litigation practice covers:

  • Advising on strategy and way forward for on-going or potential litigation
  • Preparing legal notices, plaints, suits, appeals, writ petitions etc. or replies thereto
  • Representing clients before the Courts, tribunals and other judicial and quasi-judicial fora on a pan-India basis

The firms’ litigation Arbitration and Alternate Dispute Resolution covers:

  • Arbitration: Assisting in appointing arbitrators and representing clients in arbitration proceedings
  • Mediation: Advising and strategizing on mediation process; finding an independent mediator to help in resolving conflicts; representing clients before mediators; developing workplace mediation scheme for clients and guiding clients on how to integrate mediation into an organization
  • Conciliation: Assistance in finding an amicable solution for litigating parties